“In nature, nothing exists alone.” 
-Rachel Carson, Writer/Scientist/Ecologist

It baffles me that most of history, when it came to literature, science, medicine, math, and even baking … the word “anonymous” was a woman. Women should never have to hide their brilliance or be overlooked. Women should never have to be second to a man. Women should never have to be transcended into gender stereotypes. Too many times, women’s contributions are left unnoticed. Do we not try to build a better world together?

Unfortunately, women in history are almost always forgotten, but the tides of their valor and persistence will never fail to carry others to push through. If it weren’t for the women in my own life, I wouldn’t have the strength to lift myself up. Their guidance gave me the courage to be better and hold myself to a higher standard.

“When they go low, we go high.”
-Michelle Obama, Attorney/Author/First Lady of the United States

For March, I challenge any cisgender male to ask themselves, what am I doing to uplift the women in my life (partner, loved one, or co-worker)? If you are in a position of power, what are you doing to help enrich the women’s lives around you? Why is this important? When one group suffers, we all fail.  The women who helped build our country are just as important as the men we put in our history books.

-Kurt Thigpen, CEO