Ace Studios CEO Kurt Thigpen Honored with AAF Lee-Douthit-Levine Perseverance Award

Ace Studios CEO Kurt Thigpen Honored with AAF Lee-Douthit-Levine Perseverance Award

The American Advertising Federation announced that Kurt Thigpen, governor of AAF District 14, and CEO of Ace Studios was honored with the Lee-Douthit-Levine Perseverance Award during the Salute to Achievers Breakfast at the national ADMERICA conference on June 1 in Salt Lake City.

Thigpen, co-founder of the award-winning creative agency Ace Studios, has demonstrated perseverance and dedication throughout his tenure as governor of AAF District 14. Representing Northern Nevada and Northern California, Thigpen has been instrumental in leading the charge for excellence in advertising.

In addition to his professional achievements, Thigpen is committed to community service, public education, and advocacy.

He has served as an elected trustee for the Washoe County School Board and continues to make an impact as an appointed board member of the State Public Charter School Authority.

During the ADMERICA conference, Thigpen was also elected to serve on AAF’s Council of Governors, which will put him on the pathway to becoming the Chair in three year’s time, the highest volunteer position one can hold within the AAF, and also maintains a seat on the AAF National Board of Directors in this capacity.

Celebrating Success: Ace Studios Wins Big at the ADDYs

Celebrating Success: Ace Studios Wins Big at the ADDYs

We are thrilled to announce that Ace Studios has once again proved its creative prowess by clinching not one, but two prestigious awards at AAF Reno‘s American Advertising Awards. Our captivating photography campaign, “Crowned Prince,” has garnered both a Gold ADDY and a Mosaic ADDY Award, marking a remarkable achievement in the realm of advertising creativity and diversity.

The “Crowned Prince” campaign encapsulated a vision that transcended conventional boundaries of masculinity. From composition to makeup and lighting, every element was thoughtfully curated to convey a narrative of regality, empowerment, and cultural richness.

Winning the Gold ADDY Award is a testament to the exceptional creativity and execution demonstrated by the entire team at Ace Studios. It signifies not only our commitment to excellence but also our ability to deliver innovative creations that resonates with audiences. This recognition reinforces our position as a leading force in the advertising industry, dedicated to pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations.

However, what truly sets this achievement apart is the receipt of the Mosaic ADDY Award. This accolade holds special significance as it celebrates diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism in advertising. The Mosaic ADDY Award recognizes campaigns that authentically represent diverse perspectives, cultures, and communities, fostering a more inclusive and equitable advertising landscape.

At Ace Studios, diversity and representation are not merely checkboxes but integral components of our creative process. We believe in harnessing the power of storytelling to amplify voices, celebrate differences, and foster empathy. The “Crowned Prince” campaign exemplifies our unwavering commitment to showcasing the beauty and complexity of diverse experiences, resonating with audiences on a deeper level.

Receiving both the Gold ADDY and the Mosaic ADDY Award is a remarkable honor, underscoring our dedication to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the AAF Reno’s American Advertising Awards for this recognition and to our clients, collaborators, and supporters who continue to inspire and challenge us.

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain steadfast in our mission to push creative boundaries, champion diversity, and shape the future of advertising. The journey doesn’t end here—it’s a testament to what we can achieve when creativity knows no bounds.

Chris Thigpen, Photographer
Alexandria Thomson, Special FX Artist

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Ace Studios CEO Kurt Thigpen Earns CEAE Certification

Ace Studios CEO Kurt Thigpen Earns CEAE Certification

Ace Studios, a leading force in the advertising industry, proudly announces that Kurt Thigpen, the Chief Executive Officer of the company and the esteemed Governor of District 14 of the American Advertising Federation, has been awarded the Certified Ethical Advertising Executive (CEAE) certification.

The CEAE, the first and only ethical certification for advertising industry practitioners, is designed by a non-partisan body of market participants, government and legal officials, and consumer advocates. This certification examines ways to translate ethical considerations into business decisions, providing a set of principles as reference points for decision-making in the evolving advertising workplace. Similar to codes of conduct and licensure in fields such as medicine, architecture, and engineering, the CEAE sets a standard for ethical conduct in the advertising industry.

Certification is conferred by the Institute of Advertising Ethics (IAE) in collaboration with the distinguished faculties of the University of Texas at Austin and the Heider College of Business at Creighton University.

Kurt Thigpen’s attainment of the CEAE certification underscores his commitment to ethical practices in advertising. As the CEO of Ace Studios, Mr. Thigpen has consistently demonstrated a dedication to industry best practices and a forward-looking approach to business. This certification further solidifies his leadership in the advertising community.

Ace Studios looks forward to continuing its tradition of excellence in advertising under Mr. Thigpen’s leadership, with the added assurance that ethical considerations remain a top priority.