Empowering Women Worldwide

About the Client

As a woman and a leader, you have the ability to lift up other women—an amazing power by any measure.

Let your power shine by joining Amplify Journeys. We are an organization dedicated to connecting successful women like you with women across the globe who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed, but not a clear path forward.

Through our coordinated immersive experiences, you’ll not only teach, learn and grow from the cross-cultural exchange of ideas. You’ll gain life-changing forever bonds, unique partnerships, a profound understanding of common humanity, and on-going support from the women of Amplify Journeys. 

Enjoy the journey.

The Challenge

Amplify Journeys approached us to help with their rebrand, as the previous logo didn’t really grasp who the organization was, and there were others out there using the same name – so they needed to stick out.

The client struggled with finding a way to embody all that the organization is and does.

How do we tie the culture of Africa in with female entrepreneurship?

How do we convey confidence, wisdom, mentorship, and more?

Lastly, how do we incorporate an elephant into the logo gracefully?

The Solution

Ace Studios worked with the team over at Amplify Journeys to have brainstorming sessions to set the direction.

Afterward, the Ace team put together a mood board, and then mockups of logos and color schemes that we thought would best meet the challenge of the project.

We landed on red and orange coloring as they invoke a sense of passion and action.

Our illustrator created the beautiful elephant you see, stepping out of its circle to convey that they are moving forward in life and are not bound by anything or anyone.

Lastly, we agreed on the overall mission of Amplify Journey’s brand:

Wisdom, Healing and Legacy




amplify journeys
amplify journeys