Case Study

Shondra Summers-Armstrong

The Client

Shondra Summers-Armstrong is an Assemblywoman for Nevada Assembly District 6, and in 2022 reached out to Ace Studios for help in revamping her campaign website ahead of the general election.

As part of our mission to create positive social impacts, Shondra fit right in as an advocate for affordable housing, access to healthcare, criminal justice reform, and other causes.


The website had outdated information, and didn’t have the modern, user-friendly design Shondra was seeking to ensure that she could connect with voters in the right way. It also didn’t make it easy for folks to sign up for updates or make a secure donation online.

Solutions Provided

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Updated Content Strategy & Imagery
  • Responsive Design
  • Email Sign-Up Form Implementation
  • Robust Online Donation Form

The Results

We were able to provide Shondra’s campaign with a new and improved website!

New Website

Mikalee Byerman Website

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