For Immediate Release:

Ace Studios today announced that Robert Nunez will be joining Ace Studios as a Social Media Assistant, effective March 15, 2021.

Robert is a Nevada native. He was born in South Lake Tahoe and raised in Carson City, Nevada by Mexican immigrant parents. He will be joining Ace Studios from the University of Nevada, Reno, where Robert received his Bachelor’s in Atmospheric Science. Driven by a compulsion to capture the forgotten and overlooked moments that make up everyday life, Robert has always had a knack for being hyper-observant and, thus a natural artist. In his professional work, he uses these talents to produce great, quality work for clients.

Additionally, Robert’s experiences that will benefit Ace Studios moving forward include:

• Photography
• Graphic Design
• Content writing

“Really happy to have Ace’d the interview and I’m excited to join the team,” says Robert, “I believe my well-rounded experience in social media as well as in graphic design will equip me with the tools necessary to bring a fresh perspective and a new approach to Ace studios.”

“I look forward to expanding my skill set, all the while getting to know the great people at Ace Studios.”

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