By Aidan Park, Comedian/Author/Guest Writer 

If you are suffering from anxiety or fear because of COVID, this is for you. This February 19 at 11 AM, Ace Studios presents Emotional Wellness During Adverse Times virtual workshop with Aidan Park. Also, did we tell you… it’s FREE. But what is Emotional Wellness?

As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, maintaining our well-being has become more important than ever. Feelings of fear and uncertainty are plaguing everyone, and without an effective strategy for emotional wellness, stress and anxiety can hurt your mental health!

When we are in a state of fear and anxiety, often our instinct will be to try to double down on controlling the situations and conditions around us. We end up pushing extra hard to make everything happen the way we think it should happen, doing more and more “research” to predict what might happen in the future.

It is reasonable and understandable if you feel anxiety and worry. These are uncertain and hard times! If you are suffering, please know that you are not alone!

During the beginning of the pandemic, I was paralyzed with fear and grief. I was isolated, my friends were suffering, all my gigs were canceled (many still are) and I was plagued with worry and uncertainty about the future.

But the first step out of this very negative spiral was the acceptance of a major truth – I have NEVER KNOWN and I WILL NEVER KNOW how things will play out. There is no way to predict the future. This also goes for the “good things” that happen in life.

Give up on trying to figure everything out, ’cause ya can’t – unless you want to call up a psychic, but even they’re wrong sometimes. A psychic told my friend she was going to marry a short Greek guy who would sweep her off her feet. She ended up with a 6’4″ half-Asian guy. Those are some beautiful baby-making genes. I mean he’s gorgeous and so is she (and they eat organic).

My point is this – I had to just accept that it was an act of futility to try to figure everything out. There is just no way of knowing. No one knows what is waiting around the corner. I thought 2020 was going to be my year; then along comes the pandemic. I could think I am so broke, and I will never find a job again; then along comes the perfect job. I could think I’m going to quit stand-up; then someone shows up to encourage me to keep going because they see something in me. English is my second language, and I got a D in it in high school, and later I ended up writing a book.

Let’s accept it- we don’t know. Let’s stop worrying or anticipating. But we can’t just drop our habit of pretending we can predict what’s ahead without replacing it.

Every time you are in a state of worry and anxiety about the future… try to ask yourself this question.

“How much control do I have over what I’m worried about?”

You do not have control over the pandemic, politics, the world on fire. Figure out what you can control. Sure, donate to causes, support what you believe in, but beyond that (let’s be real) you can’t control world events and you don’t know how things are going to end up. This all might never end. We simply do not know. Accept that you don’t know what you don’t know. Try to figure out where you can take control and affect change there. It is easier to effect change in your immediate surroundings rather than trying to guess the future events of the world.

Meditate, get happier. Try to work on thinking positively. Habitual yourself into empowerment. If you get empowered and happy, you affect those around you positively and you’ll help spread positivity in this time of anxiety and fear.

You can do things RIGHT NOW, like check up on friends and spread positivity. Put fresh food in your kitchen, make something delicious for your family or your neighbor. Turn on some good tunes and have a dance party. You may not be able to create world peace or find a solution to the pandemic but fostering wellness in your life is in your direct control.

Let’s stop thinking that we can control anything by social media scrolling or continue watching the news. You can pick up every daily newsworthy event you need in three minutes flat. Now, you have 23 hours and 57 minutes left in your day to cultivate a life that brings you joy. You possess the time to carry out things and make an impact in a meaningful way for your life.

Allow me to say, the world might blow up tomorrow and you could have spent today cultivating joy or worrying. Which path will you choose today?

Aidan Park

Emotional Wellness During Adverse Times, developed and presented by award-winning international keynote speaker, wellness coach, comedian, and bestselling author Aidan Park, offers effective and research-backed strategies in providing support for emotional wellness. Aidan shares engaging and hilarious personal stories, along with actionable and proven tools for managing anxiety and stress. Every seminar comes with a side of laughs.

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