In this era of Zoom meetings and other virtual, remote platforms that allow us to connect during the pandemic, one might reach the conclusion that it would be impossible to have communication problems in your business.

But, when you factor in human nature; that’s where things get complicated.

Each of us comes from a different culture and background. These things make up parts of our personality, our habits, our passions, our convictions and more.

In short: people are complicated, and the same message will not resonate with all of your clients or your team.

With such complex humans working together towards a common goal, things can go south if you haven’t taken the time to set even the most basic standards of office etiquette, communication, and inclusion.

What I mean by inclusion is making sure that your team, or your client, feels that they are actively involved in the conversation and are allowed to weigh in without fear of judgment or retaliation.

At Ace Studios, we’ve started having weekly team meetings in which everyone, even the interns, is brought to the table to contribute their thoughts on new projects coming up.

You wouldn’t believe the great ideas that come out of those meetings and I’m so proud of them.

The least favorite form of communication requires you to make tough decisions and conversations, but if we as leaders don’t communicate with every key stakeholder, how can we expect them to support the company, the clients, and have their whole heart in what you’re trying to achieve as a company.

The truth is: you can’t. With rampant work shortages, it’s time for all business owners and leaders to get creative, invite everyone to the table to work on solutions to move forward together, and if there aren’t enough seats – you build a bigger table.

Yours in Solidarity,
Kurt Thigpen, CEO
Ace Studios


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