Case Study

Ellen for WCSD Campaign

The Client

Ellen Minetto was a sitting member of the Washoe County School board that was up for re-election to a second term in 2022. She is also a former colleague of our CEO, Kurt Thigpen, and worked with him on the school board.

As a former school teacher, you couldn’t say she was a politician or an expert at marketing. She just knew how to talk to parents and students.

So, Ace Studios was tapped to help with her re-election campaign and we were happy to help a strong advocate for public education!


  • Ellen was very behind on fundraising, had no social media profiles, and even lacked a website to let people get to know her
  • Her opponent had been out already for months getting her name out there
  • Assembling a team of key players

Solutions Provided

  • Branding to be used for all aspects of campaign materials
  • A searchable website where voters can come and find out about Ellen
  • Claiming & updating her Ballotpedia listing
  • Capturing professional photos and videos to make her likeable and get the message out there
  • Targeted social media ads
  • The kitchen sink!

The Results

While Ellen wasn’t able to secure a second term, we delivered great results in getting out the vote on her behalf. 

Campaign Video

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