Case Study

Mikalee Byerman

The Client

Mikalee Byerman is a nationally-renowned author, copywriter, blogger, public speaker, and humor strategist that works with individuals and companies from all walks of life to improve their way of thinking and doing from a human-centered approach.

She came to Ace Studios needing help as she was leaving a steady job (we’ve been there before) and going out on her own to start this next chapter. She needed a website that perfectly bottled up all of her passions, and services to help reach her audiences.

Ace Studios needed to achieve the following to measure success:

  1. Design and develop a new website in WordPress AND migrate over her existing WordPress blog posts and audience with over 3,000 subscribers (the pressure!).
  2. Set up a new Blog & email list and integrate a subscription form within the website for some handy dandy newsletter building at conferences she’d be speaking at.
  3. Incorporate updated photography (with pineapples)
  4. Create a new logo design
  5. Make it mobile-friendly!

The team at Ace Studios is happy to say, we delivered!


  • Delicantly migrating over the WordPress audienct from he old blog to the new platform and making sure the readers would still be in sync with new posts from the new website
  • Keeping it creative while balancing mobile friendliness
  • Making sure pineapples were visible but not *too* much

Solutions Provided

  • Brand identity strategy, logo design & color scheme creation
  • Website architecture strategy
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress design & development
  • Ensuring the website is ADA compliant and meets minimum WCAG standards

The Results

We were able to provide Mikalee Byerman with a new and elegant WordPress website, as well as a new logo design.

New Logo Design

Mikalee Byerman

New Website

Mikalee Byerman Website

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