It sometimes feels like the sky is falling, but it’s not. Sometimes, we feel like the world is going to end, but we’re still here. It might feel like some days there is an inability to move in any particular direction, but I promise you… you can. I understand more than anyone that motivation is unfortunately not an infinite resource. I’ve learned that you have to replenish it daily. I’ve had to learn to evolve, endure, and mend my broken pieces. I had to be more kind to myself. 

Never forget that when thoughts of failure or trepidation creep in, you aren’t alone. Days never have to be perfect. Perfection only comes at an expense of our mental health. 

This February, I challenge you to stay motivated by feeding yourself a daily diet of things that drive you. Question your happiness. What does it look like? What does it mean to you? 


-Kurt Thigpen, CEO

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